What Is MSpec?

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If you’re a software developer, you’ve likely heard of MSpec. MSpec is a popular testing framework for .NET developers that allows them to write tests using behavior-driven development (BDD) syntax. In this article, we will explore what MSpec is and how it can help developers write better, more maintainable code.

What Is MSpec?

MSpec is a testing framework for .NET that uses BDD-style syntax to describe the behavior of a system. It was created by Machine. Specifications is an open-source project that aims to provide a simpler and more expressive way of writing tests.

Unlike traditional testing frameworks, which use the Arrange-Act-Assert (AAA) syntax, MSpec uses a Given-When-Then syntax to describe the behavior of a system. This makes tests more readable and easier to understand, as they are written in a language that is closer to the business domain.

Why Use MSpec?

There are several benefits to using MSpec for your testing needs:

  • Improved Readability: MSpec uses a natural language syntax that makes it easier to understand the intent of a test.
  • Maintainability: By using a BDD-style syntax, MSpec encourages developers to focus on the behavior of a system rather than its implementation details. This makes it easier to maintain tests over time, as they are less likely to break when the implementation changes.
  • Test-Driven Development (TDD): MSpec is an excellent tool for practicing TDD, as it encourages developers to write tests that describe the behavior of a system before writing the code to implement that behavior.
  • Integration With Other Tools: MSpec integrates well with other .NET tools, such as Visual Studio, ReSharper, and TeamCity.

How To Use MSpec?

To use MSpec, you will need to install the MSpec NuGet package in your project. Once installed, you can start writing tests using the Given-When-Then syntax. Here is an example of a simple MSpec test:

public class CalculatorSpecs


  Establish context = () =>


    calculator = new Calculator();


  Because of = () =>


    result = calculator.Add(2, 3);


  It should_return_the_correct_result = () =>




  static Calculator calculator;

  static int result;


In this test, we are testing the Add method of a Calculator class. The Establish block sets up the context for the test by creating a new instance of the Calculator class. The Because block executes the code under test, which is the Add method. Finally, the It block asserts that the result of the Add method is equal to 5.

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What Is The Mstest Framework In C#?

MSTest framework is a test framework which is included, by default, with Microsoft Visual Studio. It is also referred to as Visual Studio Unit Testing Framework and is popular with developers using the Visual Studio IDE. MSTest V2 is open-sourced and available on GitHub.

Should I Use Mstest Or Nunit?

Should you use MsTest or NUnit? The parity between the APIs is so similar that it’s negligible. The main difference is the ability of MsTest to execute in parallel at the method level. Also, the tight integration of MsTest with Visual Studio provides advantages in both speed and robustness when compared to NUnit.

How Do You Run A Mstest Unit Test?

Select the individual tests that you want to run, open the right-click menu for a selected test and then choose Run Selected Tests (or press Ctrl + R, T).

How Do I Run Mstest In Visual Studio?

Run unit tests

  1. Open Test Explorer. To open Test Explorer, choose Test > Test Explorer from the top menu bar (or press Ctrl + E, T).
  2. Run your unit tests by clicking Run All (or press Ctrl + R, V). After the tests have completed, a green check mark indicates that a test passed. A red “x” icon indicates that a test failed.


In conclusion, MSpec is a powerful testing framework that allows .NET developers to write tests using BDD-style syntax. By focusing on the behavior of a system rather than its implementation details, MSpec tests are more readable, maintainable, and less likely to break when the implementation changes. If you’re looking for a better way to write tests for your .NET projects, give MSpec a try.

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