What Is BJJ Open Mat?

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BJJ Open Mat refers to a training session in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) where students are free to practice their skills and techniques without any set curriculum or instructor-led class. It is a time where practitioners of all levels come together to train and refine their skills in a less formal environment. In this blog, we will explore what BJJ Open Mat is, its benefits, and what to expect during a typical session.

What Is BJJ Open Mat?

BJJ Open Mat is a designated training time where students can work on specific techniques, drills, or sparring sessions at their own pace. It is an opportunity for students to practice their skills, experiment with new techniques, and train with partners of their choosing. The session is typically held outside of regular class times and is open to students of all levels.

Benefits Of BJJ Open Mat

There are several benefits to attending BJJ Open Mat sessions. Here are a few:

  • Flexibility: BJJ Open Mat offers a flexible training environment where students can work on specific techniques and skills at their own pace. It allows students to customize their training and work on areas that they want to improve.
  • Community: BJJ Open Mat is an opportunity for students to train and socialize with other members of the BJJ community. It offers a chance to meet new training partners, make friends, and develop relationships with other students.
  • Skill Development: BJJ Open Mat provides a platform for students to work on specific techniques and skills, allowing them to develop their abilities at a faster rate.
  • Improved Conditioning: BJJ Open Mat often involves rolling or sparring sessions, which can help improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, and endurance.

What To Expect During BJJ Open Mat?

During a BJJ Open Mat session, students are free to work on their own training goals. Some students may use the time to drill specific techniques, while others may focus on rolling or sparring with partners. There is usually no formal structure to the session, and students are free to come and go as they please.

While there is no set curriculum, it is still important to adhere to BJJ etiquette and safety guidelines. Students should still respect their training partners, follow gym rules, and use appropriate safety measures during rolling or sparring sessions.


BJJ Open Mat is a valuable training opportunity for students of all levels. It offers a flexible training environment where students can work on specific techniques, develop their skills, and improve their fitness. By attending BJJ Open Mat sessions, students can expand their knowledge, meet new training partners, and become part of a supportive BJJ community.

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Should I Go To Open Mat BJJ?

Open mats are an excellent way for BJJ practitioners to improve their skills, learn from each other, and get a good workout.

What Is Open Mat Mean?

Open mat is a training session that combines all levels together and means that the mats are “open” to everyone. It is an environment where people come to train on their own and develop techniques. No lesson plan is followed, and students can spar or drill at their own pace.

Does Open Mat Count As A Class BJJ?

While everyone knows that regularly attending jiu-jitsu class is crucial if you want to achieve your goals, many people overlook the opportunities that come with attending an open mat. These training sessions aren’t structured like regular classes, mainly because they aren’t classes at all.

Can Anyone Go To Open Mats?

Call ahead or message the gym owner if you’d like to attend an open mat. Not all gyms allow athletes from other gyms to attend their open mats. Make sure it’s okay for you to go to the open mat before you show up. Sometime their may be a fee or a liability waiver that you need to sign.

Can BJJ Work In A Street Fight?

It teaches you to get the opponent down to the ground and apply chokeholds, joint locks and submission holds. Brazilian jiu-jitsu can be effective when faced with a single assailant in a street battle but it is rarely effective when faced with many attackers.


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