The Cost Of NFL Footballs: Why It Matters For Fans And Teams?

The Cost Of NFL Footballs: Why It Matters For Fans And Teams? Football is one of the most popular sports in America, with millions of fans tuning in to watch NFL games each week. However, many fans may not be aware of the costs associated with the sport, including the cost of footballs used in games. In this blog post, we will discuss the cost of NFL football and why it matters for both fans and teams.

What Are NFL Footballs?

NFL footballs are the official game balls used in all NFL games. These balls are manufactured by Wilson Sporting Goods, the official supplier of NFL footballs since 1941. Each ball is made of leather and contains four panels that are hand-stitched together. The balls are also iNFLated to a specific pressure and are subject to strict regulations to ensure consistency and fairness in the game.

The Cost Of NFL Footballs:

The cost of an NFL football varies depending on the specific ball and the quantity ordered. A standard NFL game ball, the Wilson “The Duke” NFL Game Football, retails for around $100. However, teams typically order balls in bulk, which can bring the cost down to around $70 per ball. Additionally, some teams may choose to purchase customized balls with their team logo, which can increase the cost.

Why Does The Cost Of NFL Footballs Matters For Fans?

While the cost of NFL footballs may seem trivial to fans, it actually has a significant impact on the game. The consistent use of high-quality, regulation footballs is essential for the fairness and integrity of the game. If a ball is too worn or has lost its shape, it can lead to inaccurate throws, dropped passes, and other errors that can affect the outcome of the game. By ensuring that NFL footballs are of the highest quality, fans can have confidence in the outcome of the game and know that their team has a fair chance of winning.

Why Does The Cost Of NFL Footballs Matters For Teams?

For NFL teams, the cost of footballs is an important consideration for budgeting and financial planning. While the cost of footballs may seem small compared to other expenses like player salaries and stadium maintenance, it can add up over time. Additionally, teams must ensure that they have a sufficient supply of footballs for games and practices, which can require significant investment.

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Do NFL Players Get Charged For Keeping Footballs?

How much does an NFL player get changed for keeping a football if they keep it after a touchdown? It doesn’t say anything about keeping it but you’re fined $5700 if you throw it or kick it yourself into the stands! That’s in case anyone gets hurt going for the ball!

What Does The NFL Do With Used Footballs?

After the week of play if the ball is lightly used or in good condition it is kept by the team and used as a practice ball. If the ball has significant wear from either the game or week of practice than it is usually either disposed of, donated, or auctioned off. The Super Bowl is the marquee sporting event of the USA.

How Many Footballs Does An NFL Team Use Per Game?

And how many balls is that? According to NFL rules, each game must use 36 approved footballs. References: (Internet Web Site), 2011.

Do NFL Teams Supply Their Own Footballs?

Per NFL Rule, the Home team must supply the footballs. Specifically, they are required to supply 24 (for an indoor game) or 36 (outdoor) footballs, which are inspected and pressure checked by the officials in the time before the game.

Do Fans Get To Keep Footballs NFL?

Assuming they pass inspection they are taken by the ball coordinator. They are then disbursed as needed. They’ve actually loosened the rules on this. There are 26 non-kicking footballs at each NFL game.


In conclusion, the cost of NFL footballs may seem like a small detail, but it has a significant impact on the game and the teams that play it. By ensuring that footballs are of the highest quality, fans can enjoy a fair and competitive game, while teams can budget effectively and plan for future expenses. So the next time you watch an NFL game, remember the importance of those footballs on the field.


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